Chris Tamm

Managing Partner at Cast Services

Chris Tamm is a dynamic and accomplished leader with over 25 years of experience in executive, founding and board member roles. A diverse background, he’s been a licensed real estate and insurance agent while building and running one of the top real estate teams in the US that sold 400+ homes a year, and was the founder and CEO of real estate industry CRM Firepoint.

As Founder/CEO of Ownership Mortgage and Ownership Insurance, Chris helped countless individuals and businesses achieve financial goals through innovative and personalized solutions. He serves as the founder/managing partner of Cast Services, an AI and automation firm that has delivered leading-edge technology across different industries and company sizes.

An internationally recognized contributor and speaker in the fields of AI and robotic process automation, Chris is passionate about helping businesses unlock the full potential of these game- changing technologies. He dedicates himself to driving innovation and growth. When he’s not busy revolutionizing the world of AI and automation, Chris enjoys spending time with his three boys in Denver.


[email protected]

Website: Cast.Services

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