Frank Rohde

Founder & CEO, Ownify

Frank Rohde

Frank originally hails from Germany. Early attempts at becoming a child prodigy violinist were unsuccessful which forced his parents to abandon any hope or supervision. Left to his own, Frank quickly became famous for wrestling rattlesnakes and kayaking. His sister meanwhile became the child prodigy violinist. Looking for a brighter future, Frank moved to California where his first job was a choice between watering marijuana plants in the Northern California mountains or building a neural network-based prediction engine for horse racing results. Ever focused on doing the right thing, he built the neural network for horse racing. Frank graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics. Since then, he’s been a consultant at Oliver Wyman, started an online insurance company, and spent 4 years at FICO before becoming CEO of Nomis Solutions. Nomis is the premier provider of pricing solutions to mortgage lenders globally. Frank grew Nomis to $25M+ in revenues before selling it. Last year, Frank started Ownify to solve the affordability crisis for the 2 million first-time homebuyers each year. Ownify has raised over $10M in funding and earlier this year launched its fractional ownership platform here in the Triangle.


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