Rudi Riekstins

Leadership Trainer & Co Host of In-Powered Podcast

Rudi Riekstins is a “leader of leaders” called upon by business leaders, owners, and personalities who crave a deeper connection to their team and mission…

From hungry start-up entrepreneurs to the world’s most powerful CEOs, Rudi has primed thousands of people to achieve unprecedented success in their business AND personal lives by integrating a highly specialized mindful approach to business that Rudi’s perfected over his two decades of leadership training.

Featured alongside Tony Robbins as a Thrive Global top #5 coach and with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Deepak Chopra as a top #20 Thought Leader, Rudi Riekstins is world-renowned for his expert leadership training.

Rudi’s also the co-host of the In•Powered Life Podcast, which educates leaders and individuals on how to tap into their personal power locked deep within and align themselves with their purpose for joy, success, and self-mastery.





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