Matt Fowler

Executive Director at Triangle MLS​

Matt has worked in the real estate industry since starting as an appraiser in 1993. At Banton, Roach, & Beasley, Matt became a General Certified Real Property Appraiser. While there, Matt also developed and deployed automation techniques and strategies for increasing the output of the residential appraisers in the firm. Then, later, Matt and firm principal, Dr Stan Banton, developed an automated reporting system for commercial real estate appraisal. In 1998 the Huntsville Board of Realtors awarded a contract to Matt and his business partner to build a new Internet-based MLS system based on their work with appraisal technology. That system, called LIST-IT, was eventually licensed to dozens of cities in the US and Canada and was a leading company in the MLS industry.

In 2011 Solid Earth began developing an entirely new system called Spring that grew to have more subscribers than LIST-IT. Spring is used to represent local brands to the consumers and provide an alternative UI to the MLS.

In 2018 FBS, Creators of the FlexMLS system, and the SparkAPI bought Spring and Solid Earth and Matt became VP of Portals for FBS. All Solid Earth employees followed Matt to FBS. In 2019 Matt moved into Business Development and Integrations at FBS. While at FBS the Spring team rewired the service to the SparkAPI gaining access to over 150 MLSs.

After three years at FBS, in November of 2020, Matt helped arrange the sale of the Spring Product and most Solid Earth assets to TRIBUS. At TRIBUS Spring added customers and rewired the UX to the TRIBUS API gaining access to more than 280 MLSs.

In late 2021, after a year and a week at TRIBUS, Matt was selected in a competitive process to lead TriangleMLS in Cary NC as its Executive Director, President, and Chairman of the Board. Triangle is a 15,000 member real estate information system that covers 16 counties in north, central North Carolina, centered around the Raleigh-Durham area.


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